Our Story

Welcome to Jackhammer Coffee.

We're guessing you're here because you like spending time over your daily brew, or you're fed up with drinking the same old watery, burnt, high-street muck or worse yet the freeze-dried rubbish at the supermarket? Us too. That's why we created Jackhammer Coffee - to never go a day without a great cup of coffee that always delivers on kick, flavour and taste. 
Having worked most of our careers in digital marketing and software, we yearned for working on something in the physical world. Something you can not only see but also touch, taste and smell too. And while we looked around our kitchen for inspiration (probably hungover), it hit us, just like that first sip in the morning... coffee!
We then spent many months researching how we could create a coffee that first and foremost tastes great, but also gives you a strong coffee flavour with that caffeine hit to give you a boost. We are parents... we need that hit! There are coffees out there which claim to be super strong or give you super-powers, but just didn't taste good. If you drink coffee everyday then you need something you actually like drinking. So after a lot of work (and tasting), we’ve created a product that truly delivers on all three - flavour, taste and hit - without any compromises. 
Jackhammer Coffee is inspired by what inspires us as people - music, good times, the great outdoors and doing what you love. It is engineered for those like us who work hard, play hard and do it all again the next day. Our coffee is brewed from the best beans we could get our hand's on, as we know you have to start there in order to get a quality cup. And we ensure it’s roasted and packed fresh as you order, so you know it'll taste great when it arrives and for the weeks to come. If you like to take a little time over your morning cup, you're in the right place.
At Jackhammer Coffee we are committed to one thing - providing seriously good coffee that delivers one hell of a kick, without compromising on flavour or taste. That's our mission and we're glad you could join us for the ride.
Amy & Chris - Founders of Jackhammer Coffee



Jackhammer Coffee