French Press - Step by Step Brew Guide

French Press - Step by Step Brew Guide

A French Press, also known as a cafetiere or press pot, is a heatproof pot with a filter and a plunging mechanism attached to its lid. Coffee grounds and hot water are added together to the pot, allowing for the coffee to extract, then separated by plunging the filter slowly from the top to the bottom of the pot. The grounds should remain at the bottom of the pot, allowing you to pour the filtered coffee into a cup. A French Press is good for making several cups at a time and the slower brewing time allows you to get on with other things while you wait... 


How to Brew Coffee Using A French Press

1. Boil water in a kettle

2. As the water is boiling, grind your awesome coffee beans using a coarse setting. We recommend 100g to 1000ml of water or a 1:10 ratio. 

3. Warm the French Press and cups with the hot water to maintain coffee temperature after brewing. 

4. Remove the lid and add coffee grounds to the pot. 

5. Fill the pot with hot water. 

6. Stir the water and coffee together slowly to maximise the surface area contact.

7. Set the lid on the pot with the plunger part up and the filter flush with the lid to reduce heat-loss. 

8. Let the coffee brew for two to four minutes, but no longer. A longer extraction will provide a stronger coffee. 

9. Slowly press the plunger down to the bottom of the pot. 

10. Pour the coffee into cups, or decant the brew to a warmed vessel (a Chemex works well) and enjoy. Don't let the coffee sit and continue to extract. 

11. Pull the plunger up so it’s not resting on oily ground coffee. This will make clean-up easier.