Step by Step Guide To Brewing Coffee At Home Using A Hario V60

Step by Step Brewing Guide Hario V60 Drip

The Hario V60 drip method is an excellent an in-expensive brewing method that provides an excellent cup with a real depth of flavour. By letting gravity do its work and a steady hand to pour slowly, this great piece of kit that produces a tasty sediment-free cup. It's also useful to have scales handy to trial different quantities to suit your tastes. 


1. Boil a kettle

2. As the water is boiling, grind your awesome coffee beans using a medium setting. We recommend 100g to 1000ml of water or a 1:10 ratio (if you like it strong)

3. Fold the filter and place inside the dripper. Rinse with a little hot water to remove any paper taste and warm your coffee vessel (either a mug or carafe), then empty

4. Place your coffee grounds into the filter paper

5. Using your kettle (with a gooseneck for best results) 30 seconds off the boil, slowly pour onto the coffee so they are just covered

6. Let it bloom for 15-20 seconds and watch as the gases escape from the coffee

7. Slowly pour the remainder of your water in several stages. Do this with a slow circular motion, moving outward from the centre. Using scales here allows you to measure the amount of water used more accurately. 

8. Once the coffee stream from the filter slows to an occasional drip, remove the V60 and either enjoy your brewed mug or pour using your carafe