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10 Myths About Drinking Coffee to Stop Believing Now

Many a rumour has been spread about our beloved bean, with the non-drinker the likely source of such hearsay! Over the years, scientific papers, health professionals and the coffee industry have argued the various claims that the effects of coffee and caffeine on our health, through to how best to get the most from our daily brew for maximum effect. So I felt it would be a useful exercise to dig a little deeper and find out the fact from the fiction. 

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Author: Chris Harris

10 Icons Who Changed The World Jacked on Coffee

When looking at people in the public eye who are fans of coffee, I had to wade through a load of celebrities drinking crap before finding the true hero's. Throughout history, coffee has gone through the world picking up fans along the way. Hitting Ethiopia in the 10th century, in Arabia in the 15th century, the Middle East in the 16th century, and then FINALLY it arrived in Europe.  The coffee popularity quickly took hold, women were not allowed it but never the less,  it could not be stopped!  It tasted awesome and people believed that it had healing powers.  It seemed that the Brits who consumed coffee, appeared to be happier than those who didn't.  Some thought (and I still...

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Author: Amy Harris